Delivery Riders

Your own ebike for faster deliveries

Zap through the city and cover more ground, more efficiently with your own Zap ebike. With a simple monthly subscription.

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Designed with delivery riders in mind. Cover more ground in less time.

With no upfront costs Zap will make your deliveries more efficient, without breaking a sweat. Maintenance and repairs on us. Owning a regular bicycle just doesn’t make sense.


Increased delivery revenue


More deliveries per hour

All the right reasons. And it feels just like magic.

Engineered for the urban worker — Zap One has the capbility of folding into more than half it’s ridable size to fit into any home. It’s lightweight design makes it easy to ride and transport.

Save time with no traffic jams, no searching for parking, no insurance or a dime spent on gas. All of that without even breaking a sweat.

It just feels good. Join the movement and ride for a cleaner planet.

Increase your profits by riding through the winter. Our bikes are designed to take you through the cold weather conditions.